Friday, March 29, 2013

DIY Jewelry Holder made of Tissue Cartoon and Paper

Hello Guys How was your Holy Week??

I will share to you some tips and ideas on how to make Jewelry Holder made of Tissue Carton and Paper                 

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Do you have Jewelries which is not organized and just tangle along with other stuffs?? Well your not alone my dear, we've got the same problem
Tell me if you do have problem like to just comment down below and I wanna hear your Story...

Tangled unorganized Jewelries
Here's How: 


 Scissors, Ruler, Bondpapers, and Standing Pole Carton but you can also use rolled chipboard
 Elmers GLue, Masking Tape, Container with water, Hot glue and additional gluu if needed
 Shoe Box, Spray Paint and Black Paint
 Jewelries for measurement
Tissue Carton and Tissue Paper our main Materials


 1. Measure the desired height of your stand with jewelries and mark the areas with pencil  

 2. Use cutter or scissor to cut out and remember to be careful

 well here is for bracelets stand just do the same for Necklace Stand

 3. To make a hole, trace the pin and draw a circle on the bond paper and cut it out 

then take the tissue carton and place it like this

4. Trace the circle with your guide and it will look like this

5. Mark a cross or "x" in between

6. Then cut the mark and fold it inwards

7. insert the standing pole and your done
For additional length grab some extra carton and attach it on each sides

8. So lets make a cover on each side
trace the pole on a paper or carton, make it two and cut it out like this 

9. Lets stick it secure on each side

10. Remove the Pole first and glue it with a hotglue to place it permanently

11. Then set it up, stick it with a Hot glue

12. Next grab your Tissue Paper

13. Mix the glue with water stir it up until well mixed 

14. Grab a small tissue and place it on stand, apply this with your mixture
Add layers and layers of tissue until well set 
Let it dry for 2 to 3 hours

15. Then paint it with your desired color
and now your done!!!


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