Monday, March 25, 2013

My World of ARt

Hi Bloggers,

I'm a new gurl here well not only in bloggers but also in youtube, twitter, keek, instagram, and many more I just started to make this blog inorder to share to you my life stories the dramatic happenings that usually happened in my life... i actually love fashion, Arts, Drawings, Music and many more..

                                                     My Portrait For Jesus Click to watch
                                                    My DIY Jewelry Holder made of Tissue

 I love to make people so inspired and can learn from my tutorials well most of it are easy ways to understand.. my youtube channel was mostly videos of my creations whatever ideas that i Brought into. My very first video was the sketch of my self and it followed with DIY projects and many greatest achievements was I inspired tons of people who need some help to have and gain ideas on how to beautify things in a Practical ways mostly of my ideas where inexpensive and budget friendly some of it makeup ...
                                                            Gangster Makeup Tutorial
                                                             Korean Pop Makeup Tutorial


checkout my youtube channel to see my creations...

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