Monday, April 15, 2013

2 Looks for Summer Hot and Cold Makeup

Summer is up in Asia most especially here in the Philippines, so lets get ready to pack up and spend some fun time in beautiful crystal blue beaches, white sands, attractive hangouts with friends and families
And here is my 2 looks for summer Hot Summer and Cold Summer it depends upon how you will spend your summer time as long as your happy and here is my version on how to look fabulous in both side..



Product used:
Hot Summer:
1. Vaseline Moisturizing SPF 24
2. Maybelline BB cream with SPF 20
3. Careline Brow Pencil
4. L.A. Colors eyeshadow
5. Brown Matte Eyeshadow from Prescriptives
6. White Eyepencil
7. Liquid Eyeliner and Waterproof Mascara from ELF
8. Maybelline BabyLips orange flavor › ... › Lip Makeup › Lip Balm
9. Everbelina Magic Lipstick Grape Flavor
10. Everbenlina Bronzer

COld Summer:
1. Vaseline Moisturizing SPF 24
2. Pasha Concealer › ... › Makeup › Face › Concealer
3. Fashion 21 2way cake Foundation
4. Careline Brow Pencil
5. Allue White Sparkling Eyeshadow from HBC
6.L.A. Colors eyeshadow
7. Heng Fang 2 way Eyeliner
8. Twin Sides Mascara Panoramic Curl from Japanese COsmetic ELLEFAR
9. EOS Grapefruit flavor Sponsored by Charm Patizar

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