Saturday, January 11, 2014

SweetFashionScent Products Overview

Hi!! Sweet Ladies!! My Blog for today is all about my ever first time to experience online Shopping with SweetFashionScent.
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SWEETFASHIONSCENT is an online shopping that is finally open for almost two months 
they are new in this online business world their products are so amazing and really worth to try
thankfully I discovered their Instagram Page, surprisingly they do have products that is super affordable
and ORIGINAL imagine that unlike in any other online shopping the NAKED 3 is quite expensive which is 
unpractical to spend tons of money just for a one palatte... I spent for about 1000+ but I already have three
high end products which is super practical and FYI guys this products are not fake or imitation
this products are SINGAPORIAN AUTHENTIC which is original and as you've seen on my demo its super pigmented and super good quality...and because I was so impressed with their store I whole heartedly film this video because i want to share to you guys my amazing experience with SWEETFASHIONSCENT because they are really worth to gain more costumers because its all high end product and AFFORDABLE!! 

I was then super curious to open their page and suddenly i was surprised when I saw their tons of products which is a good timing for me because I was looking for products such as this:

Naked 3 Urban Decay Singaporian Authentic

provided with eyeshadow brush and blending brush for smokey effect

swatches of the shades


a snapshot for this MAC palatte which is pigmented


good quality brushes

I ordered from them immediately as I saw the price which is super affordable and SINGAPORE AUTHENTIC PRODUCTS that is worth to try.... Their site was first a Cupcake selling I think and 2 months already here in the business became a huge success and more over when they started selling beauty products many and tons of costumers really make their products almost SOLD advice to those who are new to discover SWEETFASHIONSCENT site I tell you once you liked one of their products you must immediately reserved it at once or else you will be left out....

But anyways as i received this products like MAC PROFESSIONAL PALATTE, MAC 32 BRUSH SET and NAKED 3... via JRS express i was super impressed with their packaging since that they really packed it a lot to make sure the products will not be damaged inside...

I was super enjoyed shopping with them because no other than they have very affordable products and SINGAPORE AUTHENTIC that is really worth to buy..they also have an OWNER Miss Anabelle who has very pleasing personality when dealing with clients like us because she was so kind, "MABAIT" , approchable, and she really knows how to take good care with her costumers, thats why i Love shopping with them and SOONER I will definitely buy more and more of their products until it will all sold out!! LOL just kidding

thanks a LOT guys for READING THIS WRITTEN BLOG of Mine and Dont Forget to Click the Video to WAtch this Blog to LIVE...

They also sell:


Good Quality Lippies


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