Saturday, March 22, 2014

Superior Flawless White Kit from Happy-Skin Ph

Hello Sweet Ladies I'm back again with this writtten review about Happy Skin Products... It took a while for me to upload this video because I still need to observe the effect the product on my face for almost one month of using it.. I was so impressed with this skincare kit cause I can see now the improvement of my face... If you want to watch my Skin Care Routine Live pls do watch the Video below:
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In this Video I will be showing you my Morning Skin Care and Night Skin care since that this product is an all in one in which they provided a complete kit for you to use it both night and day..

Morning Skin Care:
1. Wash your face with the Superior Flawless White Soap
2. Apply the Superior Flawless White Day Solution (Pink)
 This Products Contains:

  • 1. Witch Hazel Extrac
  • 2. Chamomile Extract 
  • 3. Vitamin C                

(all of this are involve in skin protection and prevention from acne possibilities) 
3. Apply the Sunguard Placenta with SPF 45 Cream

  • helps treat skin damage from the sun, signs of aging and dry skin
  • Rich in amino acids that stimulates skin regenerations 
  • minimizes wrinkles and lines and scars 
  • finer skin exture
  • improves skin elasticity and texture
  • evens out skin tone

Night Skin Care:
1. Wash Face with Superior Flawless White Soap
2. Apply the Superior Flawless White Night Solution (Yellow)
  • contains vitamin A that helps exfoliate dead skin
  • Eradicates traces pimples, acne and other skin blemishes Brings out younger, smoother and pinkish glow on the skin

3. Apply the Superior Flawless White Renweal Night Cream 1 (Peel-Away Face Cream)
  • Salysilic Acid
  • Glycolic Acid
  • Chamomile Extract
(all this are involve inn skin healing, exfoliation, minimizes pore appearance Etc.)

4. Apply the Superior Flawless White Night Cream 2 / Retinol Bleaching

  • Licorice Oil
  • Papaine
  • Grape seed Extract
  • Alpha Arbutin
  • Aloe Vera
  • Tea Tree oil
(all is involve in skin healing, reborn, skin healing, rejuvenating, treatment for acne and more)

I really loved this Happy Skin Products because the dark spots that I have before has been lightened and I do have a really good experience while using this product. My skin is now flawless, glowing and lightened at the same time in which i dont need to worry even if i'm not wearing any makeup...

I would Recommend you guys to purchase this Kit from Happy Skin because its really worth to purchase and it super effective!!

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