Sunday, January 25, 2015

HelloKitty Collection 2015 by joecymijares

Hi guys welcome back to my blog...
Here is my random post which is all about My Mini Hello Kitty Collection to watch it live feel free to click the video provided...

All of this stuffs are gathered together as I collected this for about 2 years already way back 2013 since I'd started my youtube channel and up until now...

all of this stuff is not quite as big collection compared to other bloggers who have many things to show... but this collection of mine were mostly given by my families and friends since they knew that I'm a huge fan of HelloKitty... so it was a huge achievement to finally create my first ever Hello Kitty Collection since I really loved watching this types of videos...

here is my collection for a while...

 from right the pinkish hellokitty was given to me by someone during valentines day and on the center was a gift for my self and that hellokitty with a yellow theme was a gift i received during our family reunion...
 I purchased this mirror from hellokitty store which is so awesome since i'm longing for this mirror for so long finally i have one..
 i got this piggy bank from SM department store sanrio section which is actually full of hellokitty biscuits inside...
 Hello Kitty Pillows they are the huge Hellokitty collections of mine which most of it are gifts and the only one that i only purchase was that hellokitty with a name on it... and i got it from Dakki
 i can never go wrong to use school supplies which are all hellokitty but most of them were unused since my purpose of buying it is not to use it but for display purposes lol...

 i purchase this fan from Ilocos Norte when we got there for Tour i spotted this on the store from their mall and i didnt missed any moment to purchase this lady....
 i got this from my friend i bought this to add it on my collection..
 this cute watch was a gift I recieved from our family reunion
 i got this from Baguio City
 this cute polish was given to me from my Auntie
 i purchase this hellokitty Lip balm from Sanrio section on SM department store
 i got this from watson...
and lastly this two ladies were both a gift from different person but coincidence they did give gave me the same coin purse lol... the other one that has no bow was a gift from my best friend when she went to iloilo for a business trip when she saw this hello kitty coin purse she instantly buy it and gave this to me because she remembers me everytime she saw hellokitty... and that other hellokitty was a gift from my special someone my boyfriend i was so surprised when he gave me this gift maybe he noticed that the coin purse that i have was damaged and he decided to buy me new one... and it was so freaking sweet.....

that all about my collection guy for a while and soon hopefully i could collect more and more so that i can proceed to my hello kitty stuffs collection part 2... lol

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Street Style LookBook 2015

Watch it Live..

NEW VIDEO!!! Here is my Street Style Lookbook which is my first time to create a fashion video hoped you'll liked it... thank you so much for all the support from you guys..... let me know if you wanted me to do more this kind of videos....

Look 1 ; HIP HOP Chick
this look is perfect if you do have the mood to boost up your urban vibe teaming it all up with High cut shoes to complete the look and to create impact I combined it with checkered polo shirt.

Look 2 : The Ombre
this chicky look are super casual that can be wore during summer or spring... Ombre style is the new generation of fashion spices to your outfits...create a twist of flavor by combining it with tattered shorts from U.S Polo Assn and flats from SANUK...

Look 3 ; The Date Night

 This outfit is pretty perfect for casual date night, esp. if your with your special someone I combined the flowy blouse to leggings to team it all up and accent it with a pop of color of red to give the romantic vibe on your date... this is so perfect if you dont want to dress up too much and just keep it casual..

Look 4 ; Comfort Zone / Lazy Days
 this look is super perfect during lazy days but you still want to look at your best in short to keep it simple but fashionable as well..

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner by Fanny Serrano Fashion 21 Cosmetics Review

As a freelance makeup artist I have to be cautious in every product that I use on my client and on my self as well.

I just discovered this Long Wear Gel Eyeliner as I passed through the beauty section on the department store of Robinsons Place.

During that time i was looking for a liquid eyeliner but i do have a short budget to afford on those high quality once, that was then i remembered when i watched good reviews on youtube that most of the beauty gurus would prefer using gel liner instead of liquid since gel liners are more manageable, long wear and easy to dry... so I decided to look for one but hoping that i can afford.... as I was scanning on the products of Fashion 21 I saw a tester of a gel liner which i was so happy to see so I applied it and tested it on mine and was impressed with the result....

The sales lady of that booth told me that this gel liner has a promo in which it is almost half the price so i was excited and decided to purchase....

this is the packaging it comes with a very sophisticated design

 i purchased the brown shade since this are only once that is discounted and not the black once which i hopefully bought but sooner my goal is to purchase the black one as well..
The original price was 299.00 but the brown shade was discounted into 50% so it came up with 150.00 which is freakingly awesome!!
it comes up with an angled brush applicator....

the impressive thing about this product because it is sealed so the gel wont get easily dry..


1. the gel is so soft and highly pigmented
2. so easy to apply I can now achieve the look that i wanted whether what kind of cat eyeliner style should I do
3. It doesn't smudge and its freaking long lasting that the product can only be remove with makeup eye removers
4. Its a high quality product but it is comparable with international product with so much the same result.
5. sincerely affordable with just 299 or less like in my case I bought it for only 150 pesos because of the big discount.

my score is 5-5 both in quality and quantity...

The only cons;
1. you need to keep the seal of the bottle and reseal after using so to avoid the product from drying as expected with other gel liners.


5 Star Rating for this product Im so blessed to avail the short term discount of this gel liner... and if you ask me to repurchase this product my answer is YES!!! and i will definetly purchase the black one too because i need those...

this product is available in every Fanny Serrano Stalls and Counters in leading Department Stores Nationwide!!

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