Sunday, March 8, 2015

Trio Ombre Color = Brown + Red + Gold

This is my newest hair update to you all
I have now my Trio Ombre Colored which is brown Red up to Golden Blonde

 My hair was styled by Alrey Salon which  is owned by a famous hair stylist of the Philippines... It was managed by his cousin my hair stlylist Nong Alfred. I was so impressed with the result and
I never thought I could achieved this goal of hair transformation since before I was the only one who dyes my hair but failed to have an achievable outcome. I also experience hair dye on other salon but also failed to achieve a certain color that i want...

I discover this salon from the referral of my Head Nurse, i took her advice to visit the salon that she trusted for decades now her hair was so maintained and gorgeous so i follow her advice and never regret it at once... my first hair color that i choose during my firt time was Golden Brown and i never thought that my hair will become so pretty and full of life in the end that was just last year 2014 since my first time...

My Golden Brown Hair

 Last January i revisit the salon and wanted to have an ombe hair color so this was the result and it makes me so happy and lots compliment and likes i recieved from the people around me..

I also Style it with a straight iron and curl the ends of my hair to have some twist and variety of my look.

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