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How to Natural Looking Korean Style Eyebrows

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As a girl it is typical for us to groom up our brows cause this will serve as the frame of our face and this will make our appearance look more better depending on the preferred shape and style of your choice.

I would prefer a Korean style of brows since I do have an oval shape so I need to have a thick brows with a small arc at the end to make an illusion of a smaller face.


1. Eyebrow brush or an angled brush preferred to be thin and has soft bristle with a spoly brush at the end - this will help control the strokes while applying the product.
2. 2 sided Eyebrow Comb - this will serve as a grooming tool to brush the brows neatly and setting it on its place.
3. Eyebrow Powder or Eyebrow Pencil  - this will be the product to be use on your brows
4. Tissue - serve as for cleaning tool, I also use this as a wipes for my brushes to take off product if its too much.
5. Cuticle Scissors - this is an optional tool for cutting unnecessary eyebrow tails.
6. Eyebrow Gel - this is used for matching the color of your brow with the color of your hair
7. Razor - a tool use for removing unnecessary hair by using a specialized type of blade for trimming hairs.
8. Tweezers - a tool used for plucking the hair.
9. White Eyeliner - an optional tool used for guidelines.


1. Mark up the desired shape of your brow with the use of white Eyeliner

2. Use the Tweezer to remove the extra hair, make sure to tweeze carefully by pulling up the hair up with the same direction against the skin where the hair is growing.

3. The other Technique that can be applied is with the use of a Razor, with the same method pull up the skin to tighten and drag the razor, do it against the hair to trim. 

4. Wipe off the guidelines to see the difference.

5. Trimming the Brows
Brush the hairs with the use of the eyebrow brush, and brush all the hair up like so, 
 these are the ends of the hair that needs trimming.
 6. With the use of the Cuticle Scissors trim the tail of the hair thats sticking above, same as well as brushing down the hair and trim them along.

7. Fill in the Brows
Start by filling in from the 3rd of the center of the brow and applying it with a light strokes from the center out.

8. With a Spolly Brush, brush through starting from the middle part and blend the product to avoid harsh lines, carefully brush along on the center with a light strokes.

9. Finish it up with an Eyebrow Gel to match your eyebrows to your colored hair.

10. Apply Concealer or light eyeshadow to your brow bone to make it look neat and clean

11. VOALA!! your done

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